Welcome to the 5th Connecticut Regiment

We are a recreated New England Continental regiment from the American Revolution. Dedicated to educating the public on the role the State of Connecticut and its citizens played in the creation of these United States through the display of uniforms, camp life, tactics, crafts, weapons and accouterments of the period.

1775 – 2018

Founded 1775. Re-Founded 1975.

The 5th Connecticut Regiment was initially formed in May 1775, when the Connecticut legislature created six regiments in response to the hostilities begun at Lexington and Concord. The regiment was then composed almost entirely from officers and men of Fairfield County. The 5th served with distinction throughout the revolution, and disbanded in 1783. In 1975, exactly 200 years after its first formation, the regiment was re-founded as an honorary unit to serve as a living monument to the patriots who fought for independence in George Washington’s army. And we’ve been at it ever since.

Our History

What We Do

As a Revolutionary War reenactment group, the 5CR (as we are known for short), takes part in living history events throughout New England. In addition, our members put on educational programs at schools, museums, and local events throughout Connecticut.


Today’s 5th Connecticut

The Fifth Connecticut Regiment is made up of people who are interested in the history of this country and teaching others through living history. It was formed as a family group, encouraging women and children to participate as well. This gives us the ability to teach about other aspects of colonial life beyond the military. A good number of our members have been a part of this regiment for many years, some members have been active with us since 1974, when citizens first gathered to re-form the Fifth Connecticut Regiment.


Why Reenacting?

Our members have a variety of reasons for joining the hobby. Some have a great interest in history and want to learn more. Others enjoy teaching the public in a way that goes beyond the pages of history books. Still others join because its a family organization and they can all participate together. One newer member said, “This hobby is what I’ve been looking for as a parent. It brings my teenage son and I together on a weekend. Most weekends my family is going in all different directions and this gives us the chance to spend time together.”


5th Connecticut’s Organization

5th Connecticut is overseen by a board of directors, but it is the wants and desires of the membership that drives Board decisions. Meetings are open to the entire membership. Members are encouraged to participate and make suggestions. This is a group that encompasses all members, not just the elected board. We also encourage people to become a part of the administrative board through elections. Anyone can aspire to be commander/president of our group! These opportunities extend to the field positions of NCO and Officers. Members donate their time and attendance to the hobby in varying degrees.

Some photos of us in action

We like to call them “sketches”. See more in our 5CR image gallery.

View the 5CR Gallery


Want to Join?

The regiment is always looking for new members who love military history, cooking, and craft as much as we do. The Fifth is a great family-friendly group, with opportunities to explore all facets of colonial life, both civilian and military. Come speak with us at an upcoming event, or contact us through the form below. We’re happy to help you get started living in the past!

Latest News 

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Contact Us

Interested in joining us? Or having us put on a program for your school or organization? Please contact us. We’re happy to speak with you!

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