Upcoming Events

Litchfield’s 300th Anniversary
Sep 7 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Town of Litchfield’s 300th Anniversary, Sept 7th, 10 am to 4 PM. (Our set-up time will be announced)

Litchfield Patriots, LLC will host a living history event on the Green to celebrate the hundreds of local citizens who participated in the Revolutionary War. Over five hundred went off to join regiments, but many activities to support the war took place within the Town of Litchfield. Historical reenactments—crafts —food —beverages

music —historical characters — demonstrations. Wear your 18th century clothing. Updates on facebook:

Information on the Town’s anniversary events are on the Town’s website here.



Brown’s Raid – Fort Ticonderoga, NY @ Fort Ticonderoga
Sep 14 – Sep 15 all-day

One of the greatest spectacles of the reenacting calendar!


Join Fort Ticonderoga and more than 700 reenactors for an exciting two-day battle re-enactment highlighting the epic 1777 Brown’s Raid! An attack led by patriot Colonel John Brown will take British troops garrisoning Fort Ticonderoga by surprise during the upcoming real-life action adventure at Fort Ticonderoga. 


Out of the hazy twilight before dawn on September 18th, 1777 rushed Colonel John Brown’s men, catching the British and Brunswick garrison around Fort Ticonderoga completely by surprise. John Brown, no stranger to dangerous missions, helped engineer the first capture of Ticonderoga in 1775. With the stakes all the higher, he would test his luck again. As General Gates prepared to stop the British advance on Albany, he ordered General Lincoln to divide, divert, and harass General Burgoyne’s supply lines back to Canada. Colonel Brown chose his men carefully, allowed first pick of the ragtag patriot force assembled by General Lincoln at Pawlet, Vermont. Massachusetts and Vermont militia men would get their chance to strike a major blow against General Burgoyne’s attack to divide the colonies. Steadying them would be regulars from Colonel Warner’s regiment of Vermonters. Out front, Vermont rangers were to lead the way. Leading the Rangers was, Captain Benjamin Whitcomb, a ranger so skilled in his craft he was a wanted man to the British Army.

Rushing down into the LeChute river valley from Lake George landing, Brown’s men captured 330 British prisoners and set 118 American POWs free. Dawn at Fort Ticonderoga would see British Cannons atop Mount Defiance, which forced the American’s to flee that summer, turned on the British garrison itself. British soldiers awoke to the sight of a Brunswick soldier cut in half by a British cannonball fired by Brown’s men from the summit of that hill. Rearmed with captured British weapons, American POWs got a chance to settle their score shoulder to shoulder with Brown’s militia, regulars, and rangers. Destroying supplies, and livestock, capturing boats, guns, and cannons, Colonel John Brown’s raiders disappeared back up Lake George, jumping into the pages of history.


For more information, visit Fort Ti’s website at Clothing guidelines and registration details are available at the website.

Old Newgate Prison – Granby CT @ Old Newgate Prison
Sep 21 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Old Newgate Prison. A national historic landmark. Ruins of prison. Abandoned tunnels of old copper mine. 

Details to come.

Chase Farm II @ Chase Farm
Oct 19 – Oct 20 all-day

Hosted by Tew’s Company, 2nd Rhode Island Regiment & the British Indian Department

The goal of this event is to put forward the sacrifices and efforts made by men and women who took part on both sides of the War, particularly in the Colony/State of Rhode Island – giving participants and visitors as much of an authentic experience as possible and pay proper respect to those who gave their lives for Liberty as well as to King and Country.

This event is an INVITE ONLY weekend, and is not sponsored​ by any of the BIG THREE reenacting organizers (B.A.R./Continental Line/British Brigade), but rather through the individual efforts of members of the Hearthside House Museum, Tew’s Company, and the British Indian Department. That being said, NO WALK ONs will be admitted into the event. 

Registration due June 3rd. Details to come.

Putnam Park – Annual Ghost Tour @ Putnam Park
Oct 26 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Putnam Park - Annual Ghost Tour @ Putnam Park | Redding | Connecticut | United States

Save the date for the annual Putnam Park Ghost Tour.

243rd Anniversary Retreat from Fort Lee – NJ @ Fort Lee Historic Park
Nov 23 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

243rd Anniversary Retreat from Fort Lee,  Fort Lee Historic Park, Ft. Lee, NJ

Details to come.