5CR Van Cleaning

April 14, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Pvt. Stuart's Home
11 Arrowhead Ln
Shelton, CT 06484

The Quartermaster Corps has come up with a date for our Annual Van Cleaning Day. The date will be Saturday April 14, 2018. Yes we are aware that the date conflicts with Battle Road but it is the only date that all three major pieces came together. The availability of Ray’s House, myself and Deputy QM Henry Bessonett’s availability.  I urge anyone who is planning to go to Battle Road to please do so.  Do not change your plans to attend VC Day. I also urge anyone not planning on going to Battle Road to consider attending VC Day.  Many hands make light work. For anyone not familiar with our annual  VC Day it is a light hearted day of work and camaraderie and a chance to spend time with folks we may not have seen all winter and to get our van and its contents in tip top shape for the 2018 campaign. The day’s schedule usually includes such things as minor repairs on our gear, inventory, cleaning items and general organizing. It is also a great opportunity for members to become familiar with the van’s contents and where they are stored.

Most of the work is done before lunchtime which is typically at 12 noon.  Lunch and beverages  are provided courtesy of the 5th and following lunch a little more work and then the van is put back together and ready for 2018. Again it’s an easy going day with emphasis put on getting together with fellow members and as always getting a lot of things accomplished.

Henry and I plan to arrive at Ray’s house around 9AM so plan to arrive accordingly. Oh yes and there is usually coffee and pastries available before work begins.

Please let me know if you will be attending and let me know before the end of the first week in April so that we can plan the food needs accordingly.

Thanks again and hope to see you at Ray’s house at 11 Arrowhead Lane, Shelton CT.


QM Bill

DQM Bessonett

Host Pvt. Stuart

Members please RSVP by replying to thread in forums

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