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Light Infantry, British Marines, Militia, Camp Followers and Civilians

The 5th CT Regiment has been around since the 1970s's as a reenacting unit. During that time we have developed several alternate impressions to choose from after new members become proficient with Line Infantry. The first is Light Infantry, these were the special forces of the day. The strongest, tallest, quickest men were selected for this unit and were the elite. We also portray the feared British Marines with their Madder Red Coats and shining buckles and accoutrements ,its fun to also experience the war from their view point. Militia from just before the war to just after the beginning of the war most colonies only had Militia's with powder horns and fowlers you too can take on the British Army. Camp follower's were the wives and children of soldiers who would help support the Army, by cooking, cleaning and sometime helping the men in battle. they keep the army together. Finally local Civilians from the area from store clerks to craftsmen, we do it all.

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The 5th Connecticut Regiment

The 5th Connecticut Regiment is made up of a group of like-minded people with a passion for history and accuracy from all walks of life from Teachers to Truck Drivers to Corporate big wigs. We all strive to accurately portray the rolls that we do with proper documentation and best known practices. We are always learning new things about the history we portray and are always improving our impressions. We have members from across this great region and we love to get together and teach and learn new things about colonial America.

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School shows, Reenactments, Fundraisers

The 5th CT Regiment provides complete programs for schools across CT with several demonstrations we can provide to engage and challenge students to learn and retain historically correct information. We also travel all over New England for Reenactments at historic battlefield, and site. We do  1 day special events or we do entire weekend events, and on occasion we can help other groups like historical society's with fundraising events for their properties.


School Programs

We can provide several demonstration for your students from Battlefield surgeon to carpentry to clothing of the colonial period as well as a day in the life of a colonial soldier and many more.

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Historic Battle Reenactments

We select several Reenactments to do every year. From Where it all began in Lexington and Concord to NY and NJ battlefields as well as our own Battles here in CT. Become a Continental Soldier and feel what they must have felt. If only for a day or two.

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Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island

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